Album Title: The Best Of Dr. Mike Okeke

CD Title: The Best of Dr. Mike Okeke
Artist: Mike Okeke
Musical Beats: Rock/Pop/Highlife

All Songs: Lyrics/Music/Arranged/Produced by Mike Okeke

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Track Listing

Track Song Title  
1 Dream (USA, 1983)
2 Jesus Is My Ebenezer (Nigeria, 1976)
3 Your Return (USA, 1983)
4 Keep Me Going (Nigeria, 1976)
5 Stir Up My Love – Remix (USA, 1986)
6 Rise 'N Shine (USA, 1983)
7 Got A Home Somewhere (Nigeria, 1976)
8 Come to Jesus (Nigeria, 1977)
9 In The City of God (Nigeria, 1977)
10 Money Maker (Nigeria, 1977)
11 Gonna Be With Jesus (Nigeria, 1977)
12 Alison (USA, 1983)
13 Shomi Lojo – Remix (USA, 1986)
14 Broken Heart (USA, 1986)
15 Not A Drop-Out (Nigeria, 1976)
16 Stand Tall (USA, 1986)

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Album Title: The Best Of Dr. Mike Okeke

Throughout my lifetime I have witnessed my Father evolve professionally as a magazine publisher to his meteoric rise as a television producer, and onto his present status as one of the most respected African business men in Atlanta. Although widely known as a father, entrepreneur and recently an Attorney at Law, the multitalented Dr. Okeke arrived in the U.S. in 1978 in search of greener pastures, higher education and to continue his established success as an African contemporary gospel music recording artist.

About three decades later, my father has returned to his musical roots with, "The Best of Dr. Mike Okeke". The age of YouTube and iTunes has resulted in an eruption of unlimited access to music and information. Inspired by this, my father ventured into the vault of his musical catalog to compile the most celebrated songs and rare releases from his early career.

The newest compilation from my father is a harmonious blend of original recordings released between 1976 and 1986. This summer, "The Best of Dr. Mike Okeke" will be released with 16 digitally remastered songs previously available on vinyl and cassette only. The musical journey begins with toe-tapping, uplifting praise tunes to ignite young souls and recapture old hearts. The unbridled rhythms and smooth bass lines revive one's passion for funky gospel music.

With pride and admiration, I share with you just another one of my father's accomplishments. As a lover of music and as a faithful Christian, I enjoyed every second of this nostalgic compilation. I encourage you to share this album with your young ones and give the priceless gift of "The Best of Dr. Mike Okeke."

Adora Adorable Okeke


The Best Of Dr. Mike Okeke is also available on mp3 format at CDbaby, ITunes, African Stores and where music is sold online.